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First allow me to introduce us. I'm Thiago and with my brother Caio we are the founders of Lovemypetz and I would like to tell you a bit about our dream!

We love animals "as you would imagine" and for a few years we have been helping in need animals in Australia and all over the world but we always felt we could do more!

At the beginning it was just an idea of bringing animal lovers together, share some cool ideas and places to enjoy with your furry friend, dog friend parks, beaches, coffee shops that accept animals for breakfast etc... Well, the idea started to get some track and we felt still could do more!

We than started raising money to help charities that could look after dogs, cats, and all animal life out there

We believe that the world is a better place with animals and we take the welfare of all animals very seriously. We pride ourselves on the commitment we’ve made to pets by aiming to support pet charities through various charitable shelters and organisations.

Being a Vet, my brother saw the possibility do doing a bit more. "Why not sell pet products for a fair price and make it accessible to everyone?"

Then in 2016 we decided to create or Lovemypetz - The Smart Pet Shop.

Now we are a company, and Lovemypetz has the world's most trusted and recognised brands and our mission is to sell those products at significantly less than traditional or even other online retailers. We know its a big dream but we will always fight to get the fair price to everyone that would come to our website.

We still and always donate part of our profits to charities that help animals in need. We participate in charities events and we are always open for ideas on how to better serve our customers and programs we could interact to help the animals.

So welcome to our family, we hope you like us and hope we can help us help the animals in need.

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  • Thiago Ferreira
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